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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
7:35 pm

hey everyone, I know it's the end of the semester and all, but my friend from home and I are thinking about buying and then selling these, would people be interested?


Good luck on finals & have a great break!


Saturday, December 11th, 2004
7:36 pm
First and foremost, this will be the last entry that people can read, if you are in dire need of knowing what goes on in my life talk to me about it

Second, people need to get their facts straight before they post about other people

Third, I'm sorry for any pain that I've caused anyone in the past few days. I'm not saying that any of my actions were "right" or anything that I should be proud of, but what happened happened, there's nothing that I can do to change that. If I would have known it would've caused this much pain I wouldn't have done it. What happened will not happen again, if that makes any difference. You can all hate me all you want, but there's only one person who I feel is justified in being angry.

And finally, if you have anything that you would like to say to or about me, please say it to me.
Friday, December 10th, 2004
4:54 pm

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
5:52 pm
Monday, December 6th, 2004
5:29 pm
stolen from Sarah...
-Star if you've seen the film

1. Trainspotting
2. Shrek *
3. M
4. Dogma*
5. Strictly Ballroom
6. The Princess Bride*
7. Love Actually
8. The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring
9. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
10. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
11. Reservoir Dogs
12. Desperado*(well, part of it)
13. Swordfish
14. Kill Bill Vol. 1*
15. Donnie Darko*
16. Spirited Away
17. Better Than Sex
18. Sleepy Hollow
19. Pirates of the Caribbean*
20. The Eye
21. Requiem for a Dream*
22. Dawn of the Dead
23. The Pillow Book
24. The Italian Job
25. Goonies*
26. Baseketball*
27. The Spice Girls Movie *
28. Army of Darkness
29. The Color Purple
30. The Safety of Objects
31. Can't Hardly Wait*
32. Mystic Pizza
33. Finding Nemo*
34. Monsters Inc.*
35. Circle of Friends
36. Mary Poppins*
37. The Bourne Identity*
38. Forrest Gump*
39. A Clockwork Orange
40. Kindergarten Cop*
41. On The Line
42. My Big Fat Greek Wedding*
43. Final Destination
44. Sorority Boys*
45. Urban Legend
46. Cheaper by the Dozen*
47. The Crow*
48. The Princess and the Warrior
49. Seabiscuit
50. Hard Core Logo
51. Phantom of the Paradise
52. Zardoz
53. Lost in Translation
54. American Beauty
55. Big Fish
56. Starship Troopers
57. Starship Troopers 2
58. The Lost Boys*
59. All About Eve
60. Showgirls
61. Swept Away
62. Star Wars*
63. Black Hawk Down
64. Elizabeth
65. The Shawshank Redemption*
66. Four Weddings and a Funeral
67. The Sound of Music*
68. Notting Hill*
69. Scotland
70. Oxygen
71. The Ring*
72. Shrunken Heads
73. Legend
74. About a Boy
75. Lilo and Stitch
76. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?*
77. Pitch Black
78. Maid in Manhattan
79. Willow
80. The Usual Suspects
81. Naked Tango
82. Labyrinth
83. Fight Club*
84. The Dark Crystal
85. The Nightmare Before Christmas*
86. Idle Hands*
87. From Hell
88. Meet Joe Black*
89. The Breakfast Club*
90. FAME
91. Moon Child
92. Zatoichi
93. Ichi the Killer
94. Gohatto
95. Velvet Goldmine
96. Bend It Like Beckham
97. Far and Away
98. Raiders of the Lost Ark
99. X-Men *
100. Lethal Weapon*
101. Pi
102. The Chosen (does reading the book count?)
103. Amadeus*
104. Gummo
105. Sliding Doors
106. Gone With the Wind
107. Wizard of Oz*
108. Back to the Future*
109. Haggard
110. Empire Records*
111. Zoolander*
112. The BirdCage*
113. Girl Interrupted*(parts)
114. Better Off Dead
115. Euro Trip
116. Pretty in Pink*
117. Cinderella*
118. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
119. The Shining*
120. The Killer
121. The Poseidon Adventure
122. Where the Heart Is*
123. Wayne's World*
124. Say Anything*
125. The Outsiders*
126. Just Married*
127. Get Over It
128. Newsies*
129. Moulin Rouge
130. Swing Kids
131. Boondock Saints
132. My Cousin Vinny
133. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back*
134. Spiderman*
135. Sweet Home Alabama
136. The Notebook
137. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
138. Secretary
139. Beaches
140. Death to Smoochie
141. American Pie*
142. American Wedding*
143. Animal House*
144. Kill Bill vol. 2
145. Old School*
146. 8 Legged Freaks
147. Leon
148. Interview with the Vampire
149. Cruel Intentions*
150. Pulp Fiction *
151. Blow*
152. Chicago
153. But I'm A Cheerleader
154. Monty Python & The Holy Grail
155. Clerks
156. Chances Are
157. Casablanca
158. Hedwig and the Angry Inch parts
159. Bean
160. Mighty Midget
161. Monty Python's Life of Brian
162. Disney's Robin Hood*
163. Excalibur*
164. Seven*
165. Sixteen Candles*
166. Mallrats*
167. Cannibal holocaust
168. Still Crazy
169. The Ninth Gate
170. Dead Poet's Society*
171. Silence of the Lambs
172. High Fidelity*
173. Breakfast At Tiffany's***** :D
174. The Rules of Attraction*
175. Heathers*
176. Mulholland Drive*
177. Almost Famous*
178. Edward Scissorhands*
179. Memento*
180. The Elephant Man
181. One Hour Photo*
182. In America
183. Fucking Amal/ Show Me Love
184. Sweet Sixteen
185. Amelie*
186. Antonia's Line
187. Uzumaki
188. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory*
190. Cat People
191. Dirty Dancing*
192. Mask*
193. Grease*
194. 10 things i hate about you*
195. White Oleander*
196. Thirteen Ghosts
197. The Craft*
198. Boys don't Cry
199. Romeo + Juliet (70's version)
200. The Big Lebowski
201. Twilight Samurai
202. Delicatessen
203. The Hunt for Red October
204. Emma
205. The Manchurian Candidate
206. What Dreams May Come
207. First Knight
208. The Thin Man
209. Fahrenhiet 9/11*
210. Dodgeball
211. Underworld
212. Freaky Friday
213. Rat Race
214. Bruce Almighty
215. Drop Dead Fred
216. Weekend at Bernies*
217. American History X*
218. Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels
219. Snatch
220. Pretty Woman*

Current Mood: lazy
Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
10:17 am
I love it when I wake up at 7:45 so I can shower before class, then leave a little late to get to class at 10, and it's CANCELLED.... what a waste of productive hours. or maybe sleep hours. probably sleep.
Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
11:52 pm
10-11:10 Intro to Comparative Politics
11:30-12:15 NYPIRG chapter meeting
12:30-1:40 American Government & Politics
2-3 NYPIRG office hours
3-4 NYPIRG intern workshop
4-6 break/write liberating action paper
6-? Women's Studies Senior Presentations
?-9:15ish break/eat/read Fast Food Nation/finish liberating action paper
9:30-11ish FMLA e-board meeting
whenever it's done-we get back Dunkin Donuts w/ Alex & Vic
when we get back-finish liberating action paper(if i need to)/sleep

maybe I'll bring work w/ me to my office hours... though I doubt I can get anything done in that office w/ Michael sitting there (if he even stays for the hour)... I guess I'll bring Fast Food Nation, what's the worst that can happen?

I think I'm gona go to sleep... I've been going to sleep really early so far this week... Sunday doesn't count... yeah... Oh, and I'm not going out this whole weekend, I don't think, unless I surprise myself and can get massive amounts of work done before then.. which I doubt...

Goals for the week:
Wednesday: 1-finish liberating action paper; 2-have a set date & time for the CLIT program; 3-read more in Fast Food Nation; 4-talk to Brian from student activities about what I'd have to do to get a PAD chapter here
Thursday: 1-write NYPIRG journal entry; 2-read more in Fast Food Nation
Friday: 1-read more in Fast Food Nation
Saturday: 1-pick up all cans & boxes from all off campus locations; 2-read more in Fast Food Nation; 3-real all of the WIR & OBO stuff I haven't read yet
Sunday: 1-finish Fast Food Nation; 2-start writing WIR 3rd paper

Current Mood: tired
5:21 pm
so apparantly... i'm everyone's friend on facebook.. according to david... hahahaha...

oh! and dido is taking the black woman next semester!

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, November 28th, 2004
4:51 pm
haha.. sbyer's is way better tho... lol jewish boys..
footloose is love
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Current Mood: productive
12:27 pm
Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International
Hi everyone,

I don't know how many law/legal studies students are on NPJ (or just people who intend on going to law school but aren't part of the major or minor program), but I was wondering if anyone would be interesting in the formation of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International on our campus. It is co-ed and has pre-law, law, and alumni members. I'm interesting in starting this on our campus but I will only do so if there is an interest in it. Please respond back to this if you would be interested. Thanks!


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Friday, November 26th, 2004
11:15 pm
home is sooo boring...
i was supposed to hang out with anthony tonight but he's not answering his phone, he's probably still working at 501... i think the only way i'd still go out tonight is if he calls and says lets just hang out at the firehouse or something like that... i'm not in the mood to spend money... and i don't want him paying for me like i know he probably would and usually does...

i think i might go back to school tomorrow evening instead of waiting until sunday... i could be soooo productive if i do... nobody's at school except brian and felix i think... i duno... whatev...

oooo lauren just signed on, maybe i'll go hang out with her... probly not... i thought she was working tonight tho... hmm... i love coming home and not even seeing my sister once lol...

fuck that shit... i'm goin out with matt!

Current Mood: bored
Thursday, November 25th, 2004
10:55 pm
Which 1980's Cartoon did you Hoplessly Watch? by cerulean_dreams
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You hopelessly were addicted to
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Current Mood: awake
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
10:15 pm
quotes i like...

"To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don't be." - Golda Meir

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katharine Hepburn

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart" - Helen Keller

"There cannot be true democracy unless women's voices are heard. There cannot be true democracy unless women are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives. There cannot be true democracy unless all citizens are able to participate fully in the lives of their country." - Hillary Rodham Clinton

"I never doubted that equal rights was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated. But to me there is nothing complicated about ordinary equality." - Allice Paul

"No one has ever become poor by giving." - Anne Frank

"I have met thousands and thousands of pro-choice men and women. I have never met anyone who is pro-abortion. Being pro-choice is not being pro-abortion. Being pro-choice is trusting the individual to make the right decision for herself and her family, and not entrusting that decision to anyone wearing the authority of government in any regard." - Hillary Rodham Clinton

"Friendship with oneself is all important because without it one cannot be friends with anybody else in the world." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction." - Anne Frank

Current Mood: tired
2:02 am
free food at dunkin donuts = awesome

buffy is amazing

jeremy is a poop for not liking buffy

the end

Current Mood: flirty
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
4:46 pm
*yay* Amy's gonna give me a PI card for Women & Work tomorrow during/after women images... and Denise told me to talk to her again after thanksgiving about women & the criminal justice system... therefore my schedule is now:

8:30-9:45 Intro to Law

8:30-9:45 international law (only if i can't get a PI/PC card into women & the cj system)
10-11:15 history of women in the us from 1880
12:30-1:45 the black woman

8:30-9:45 intro to law
12:30-3:20 women & work

8:30-9:45 international law (pending women & the cj system pi/pc card)
10-11:15 history of women in the us from 1880
12:30-1:45 the black woman
3:30-6:20 rape & sexual assault (only for the first 5 weeks of the semester though)


going home as soon as i get out of women images tomorrow... well, going striaght to lenore anyway, then the library, then i'll go home =)

Current Mood: happy
6:55 am
Today's Horoscope...
Talk to people you trust and you will get the answers you are looking for. Relationships will take a positive turn if you are honest about your feelings.

hmm... interesting.... yea... i duno... probly not...

Current Mood: exhausted
12:34 am
ohhhh yeahhhhh
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holy fuckin shit, the polar express is awesome, and now i'm fuckin nuts, and i need to finish writing my paper, so i'm gona go do that... goodnight

Current Mood: hyper
Sunday, November 21st, 2004
12:02 am
i just sprained my ankle :(

it is impossible for me to go as long as i have (since the summer when my back went into spasm) without getting injured... i suck

i think i'm gonna go cry now... i haven't done that in a while... i don't let myself... hence, i suck again

oh shit, tomorrow, fuck, i doubt i can drive... eek...

Current Mood: in pain
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
8:35 pm
muckraking journalism
read for woman images
read sorensen ch 2
library writing my paper

Current Mood: exhausted
2:09 am
Today Was: class, meeting, class, office hrs, library, program, meeting, barbie/american girl doll time w/ vic and alex, egg sammiches at dunkin donuts

Tomorrow Will Be: class, read, class, read, class, write paper, program, meeting, finish paper (if i need to?), shabadooooooooooooooooooooooo




amazing. fucking amazing.

who wants to shabadoo tomorrow night? after i finish my paper and the H&H program and FMLA (so like 11ish, hopefully)?

Current Mood: awake
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